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Fine Motor

Eye Droppers
Eye droppers are the perfect activity for developing a pincer grasp. Use them to drop bits of colored water onto paper towels for a pretty art project or for any other fun activity!

Lacing Cards
All you need is a shoelace. Develop hand, finger, and eye-hand coordination.
Download "Lacing Cards" Here

Mini Dice Set
Shake and roll small 3/8" dice in two to promote bilateral coordination and to develop the palmar arches of the hand. Use dice of different color to make the activity fun.

Ice Cream Pop Cone
Good for thumb stabilization. Hold the plastic ice cream cone, use your thumb to release lever and watch ice cream fly!

Playing Cards
All you need is a deck of plastic coated cards. A fun way to work the muscles of the hand.

Ice Cube Container
Put cheerios (or whatever motivates your child) into each compartment of the ice cube container. Cheerios or other treats can only be removed using the pincer grip.

Maze activities are stimulating, challenging and the ultimate motor planning task.
Download "Maze" Here

You will need to make a fishing pole (stick, thread, magnet) and attach metal paperclip to each fish. Encourages eye-hand coordination and ocular tracking.
Download "Fish" Here

Use big wooden beads and a pipe cleaner or cord to start. When your child becomes successful, change pipe cleaner or cord to shoelace. You can also change beads to pasta and make "macaroni necklace".

Cork Carton
Use paperboard carton and make round holes of different sizes but tightly fitting the cork. Ask your child to put corks into holes in the carton. Many children prefer this activity to a shapesorter.

Color Paper Clips
Use plastic coated paper clips of different color and chain them together.

Zipper Bag
Teach your child to zip and unzip the bag. Put a toy or chip inside the bag to make the activity fun.

Reusable Sticker Book

Open & Close Jar (put something inside for surprise)

You will need play-doh and toothpicks for this activity. Ask your child to roll a play-doh ball first, then put toothpicks in it one by one to make a porcupine. You can also use small candles and make a birthday cake.

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